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Era College started its journey in 2013 with a contemporary education approach by prioritizing the technological and scientific developments of the age! It offers education and training services in a total of 20 campuses, 18 in Istanbul, 1 in Bursa and 1 in Kocaeli. With the quality education it provides at kindergarten, primary, middle and high school levels, it enables its students to discover their individual potential and aims to raise generations that shape the future.

ERA College aims to improve the knowledge and skills of our students with the 5 Development System (mental, physical, psychological, social, academic development) by sticking to the Ministry of National Education Primary Education Programs. We regularly provide feedback to our parents on their mental, physical, psychological, social and academic development.

In order to take the necessary precautions at the right time and to get better, we make individual plans for each student in accordance with their mood. During the LGS and YKS process, our branch teachers support our students in the exam preparation phase with their academic equipment. Our expert education staff, who are experienced, know their students well and do not make sacrifices, act as consultants in the education process and stand by our students with professional educational coaching in exam preparation. Our students get prepared for the exam without the need for any support other than ERA College. As ERA College, our most important philosophy is to raise generations that will build the future.



ERA College started education with only two campuses when it was founded in 2013 However, thanks to its educational approach and the opportunities it offers to its students, ERA College has made a distinguished name for itself in a short time. ERA College, which offers its students a modern educational environment, has become known for supporting its students with social and cultural activities as well as academic achievements.



ERA College continued to grow rapidly in 2014, reaching to 5 campuses. In this process, it attracted attention with its quality education approach and modern campuses. Focusing on the success of its students, ERA College has become a school preferred by more and more students every day.



In 2015, ERA College reached to 10 campuses and continued to offer educational opportunities to students across Turkey. ERA College's success and the opportunities it offers to its students have been recognized by other schools in the education sector and crowned with awards. Offering its students a modern educational environment, ERA College also supported their personal development through social and cultural activities.



ERA College reached to 11 campuses in 2016, reinforcing its success. ERA College, which attracts attention with the rich education programs it offers to its students and its experienced staff, has showed its difference by supporting its students with social and cultural activities as well as their academic achievements. The success of ERA College was also recognized and rewarded by other schools in the education sector.



ERA College was opened in the Marmara Region in 2019 to offer education opportunities to students in different parts of Turkey. With 19 campuses, ERA College continues to be one of the leading colleges in Turkey and continues to offer the best educational opportunities to its students with its innovative approach in the education sector, experienced staff and modern campuses.



Era College , is Turkey's most technological school, continues to offer the best educational opportunities to its students in 20 campuses with its innovative approach, experienced staff and modern campuses that it has brought to the education sector in the light of contemporary and scientific education approach.

The rapid growth of ERA College in the education sector and providing quality education services has undoubtedly been occured thanks to the fact that ERA College has long years of experience in exam preparation and schooling sector and has taken the right steps in the field of education with this experience. ERA College will always continue to provide quality education services on these solid basis and will always nourish its goal of being a pioneer among Turkey's leading educational institutions.


Individuals whose education and training we contribute to as Era College,

Should be open to innovation; enjoy curiosity, research and learning.

Closely follow developments in the world and contribute to the production of technology.

Be free-thinkers, respect different opinions and have a mind of their own.

Try to find solutions when faced with problems and never give up.

Do not see knowledge only as a goal, but as a tool that they can adapt to their lives.

Use their mother tongue correctly and effectively and at least one foreign language actively.


As ERA College,

We believe that the student should be at the center of every step of learning.

We act with the necessity of the age and with an innovative approach.

We are aware that cultural and social activities are indispensable for education.

We have worked and we continue to work with perseverance and determination to raise bright generations in line with our objectives.


To develop a sense of responsibility and to add value to their country and the widespread world,

To be equipped with environmental awareness, to know that every living being is valuable and to respect their right to life,

To be selfless, to know that what they want/don't want for themselves, others will want/don't want for themselves,

Caring for and protecting social values and working to pass them on to future generations,

To give importance to traditions, cultural heritage and ethical values; to recognize their past and to protect the values they have received from the past and transfer them to the future,

To be able to use initiative, take responsibility and have leadership qualities when necessary,

To have a questioning perspective and to be able to express themselves correctly and courageously,

Respect democracy, human rights and freedoms, and differences in society (language, religion, race, gender, etc.),

To gain the awareness that education and training is not only about academic courses; artistic, sportive and cultural activities are also effective in personal development,

To make innovation, modernity and scientific thinking as a philosophy of life,

Realize that knowledge and learning are not limited to schools but are a lifelong process,

We aim for students to know that truthfulness, honesty and justice are more valuable than many things in life.

We aim for students to know that truthfulness, honesty and justice are more valuable than many things in life.

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