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Era Koleji started out with a modern education approach by prioritizing the technological and scientific developments of the new Era!
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Era Koleji was founded with a modern education approach in 2013.  Era Koleji offers education service in a total of 20 campuses, 18 in Istanbul, 1 in Kocaeli/Gebze and 1 in Bursa/Nilüfer. ERA Koleji provides students with an environment where they can be fully prepared academically and socially for upper-level education.

It is the priority of Era Koleji to provide students an internationally competitive education,  to imbue the world's ethical values to give the capability of awareness of their rights and freedoms, and to make them furnished democratic life esteem.

Moreover to academic proficiency, Era Koleji aims to raise individuals who are curious, have developed imagination, and have social and emotional efficiency.

Era Koleji aims to improve the knowledge and skills of the students with the 5G Development System. The 5G development system that performs in Era Koleji covers mental, physical, psychological, social, academic development.

Also the system provides regular feedback to the parents about the evaluation of students' mental, physical, psychological, social and academic development.

5G progress system has an individual plan for each student's temperament in order to take the necessary precautions in a timely to make them more advance according to their temperaments.

Technology education is the field in which Era Koleji is the most assertive. Innumerable national and international achievements in robotic coding champions are the most obvious proof of this assertion.

In a nutshell, the most important philosophy is behind the charge of Era Koleji is to raise generations that will build a better future.

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